作者:Caryl Nikki D. Buenafe, 官方竞猜平台实习生

最新的COVID-19记录, 东南亚有20个,008,584例,323例, 自2020年3月大流行开始以来,与COVID-19相关的死亡人数为275人. (CSIS, 2022年)过去两年发生的全球事件的突然转变要求公民适应一种不熟悉的生活转变. 它对经济、教育部门和就业造成了不利影响. (Balakrishnan等. Al, 2021)因此, millions of workers and students have been forced to gear towards a virtual setup consequently requiring financial and technological privilege to maintain sustained connectivity and productivity amidst lockdowns, 不确定性, 和经济衰退. 由于该地区仍受到新冠肺炎疫情造成的健康和社会经济灾难的困扰, 作为政府机构和高等教育机构,世界杯预选赛竞猜中心青年仍在努力应对一场全区域的心理健康危机, 以及青年组织, 是否采取了必要的措施来帮助改善这种状况.

自2019年底和2020年初Covid - 19疫情开始以来, 这一大流行病的影响导致世界杯预选赛竞猜中心区域所有人口中心理健康问题惊人地增加. 例如, in Malaysia the suicide cases across all age groups have doubled in the first five months of 2021 where in a report issued by the Royal Malaysia Police recorded a total of 468 people committed suicide – tallying 94 suicide cases per month compared to the 51 cases per month in 2019. (萨瓦尔, 2021)此外, 吉隆坡友情援助, 这个国家的情感支持帮助中心, 也记录了2021年3月至6月间惊人的45%的电话激增. (哈桑, 2021年)由于隔离,马来西亚青年经历的健康危机从身体表现扩展到精神表现, 孤独, 健康的焦虑, 学术压力, 经济衰退要求在该国开展一场集体运动,将自杀合法化.

同样的, 在新加坡, 大学生和教授在应对疫情的过程中也面临着类似的心理健康和幸福感下降. 国立大学健康系统的心理科学中心(NUHS)的一项研究表明,83.新加坡国立大学(NUS) 3%的学生称自己压力很大, 2022). 与此同时,超过一半参与调查的学生表示感到孤独. 根据助理教授威尔逊·塔姆的说法, 这项研究的主要研究员, 不得不花更多的时间与恪守严格家庭角色的家庭在一起, 由于封锁和家庭隔离而制定的规章制度可能导致青少年出现抑郁症状. 这是因为许多学生发现,与不太灵活的家庭成员进行跨代沟通,找到共同的解决方案变得更加困难. The aforementioned situations in Malaysia and Singapore reflect a much greater crisis the Southeast Asian region is facing in terms of mental health and well-being among its youth.

一些个人已经采取了一些措施, 组织, 自全球陷入新冠肺炎疫情以来,各国政府和相关机构共同应对这一问题.

在个人层面上, 改变积极和创造性的生活方式似乎是一个普遍采用的解决方案,以帮助学生应对. 在剑桥的国家经济研究局最近的一项研究中, 马萨诸塞州题为“COVID-19大流行期间大学生的经验和应对策略”, it revealed that 45% of the 500 student respondents in the 大学 of Toronto utilised proactive and creative coping strategies that involve establishing routines (physical exercise, cooking, 冥想, 以及改善他们的工作环境)和寻找新的爱好. 此外, many respondents also coped through maintaining social connections with their friends through messaging applications such as Facetime and for some they enjoy their time with their families. (Logel等. al, 这些都是帮助青少年克服长期封锁和隔离带来的孤独感和孤立感的必要措施.

与此同时, 青年组织, governmental offices and higher education institutions across the ASEAN region have also been making necessary steps to ensure a greater impact in solving the mental health crisis faced by youth in the region. 2020年10月, 世界杯预选赛竞猜中心青年论坛促成了一场有60名东南亚青年参与的讨论,他们参与了题为“开放空间”的部分。. 大多数参与者都有类似的孤立经历, 健康的焦虑, 在他们各自的国家,学术压力要求更积极的心理健康意识和宣传. M, 来自印度尼西亚的大三学生, 对伴随病毒迅速传播而来的突然的被迫调整感到惊讶吗. 互联网的问题, 学术工作负载压力, 大流行焦虑, 不断恶化的精神健康状况一直是影响他们整体表现的诸多挑战之一. (见参考: http://aseanyouthforum.org/yos5/与此同时,), the Philippines’ Commission on Higher 教育 encouraged the “deployment of available flexible learning and other alternative modes of delivery in lieu of on-campus learning” amidst the persisting socio-economic concerns. Among such concerns is a large digital divide among Filipino students in which 45% of Filipinos and 74% of public schools in the country do not have access to the internet. 这只是激发学生们的众多担忧之一, 教练, 教授, and student councils to file online complaints arguing that learning devices and internet connection in a developing country like the Philippines remain a privilege. 除此之外, 封锁措施的实施和课业负担的增加继续给在线学习带来困难. 请愿者在社交官方竞猜平台上使用“像”这样的标签来表达他们的观点, # NoStudentLeftBehind, # EndTheSem, # NoSchoolLeftBehind, # endonlinclasses(华金等.al, 2020).

类似的, several higher education institutes in ASEAN have pushed for a wider and efficient mental health campaigns in order to address the struggles and safeguard the wellness of many university students in the region. 例如, 马来西亚马来亚大学心理和咨询管理科向所有学生推出了在线电子咨询服务, faculty, 和大学的工作人员. 另一方面, the Universiti Teknologi Petronas which is also located in Malaysia organized webinars and forums which aim to discuss the obstacles and effects of mental health challenges amidst a global pandemic. 与此同时, 在印尼, 缩小各部门教育科技优势差距, 95% of the universities employed online learning through the Online Learning System Program (SPADA) which assists the learning management system in tertiary education to provide free online lectures and course materials to the students. (Joaquin等.al, 2020年,在菲律宾, 菲律宾大学发起了一个由4个部分组成的项目,名为“Sandigan”, Sandalan: Training and Advocacy Programs for Mental Health” to strengthen the university’s approach with regards the mental health support system for the institution’s constituents. The components of the program includes the following: 1) the Directory of Mental Health Service Providers which comprise of referral systems that contain lists of professionals and institutions that students could consult concerning their mental health needs; 2) Training on Mental Health Promotion in the Teaching-Learning Environment; 3) Training Program for Peer Mental Health Advocacies; and lastly, 4)学生心理健康宣传方案,包括学生主导的宣传和促进心理健康的举措. 在菲律宾方面, sandigan和sandalan指的是可以信赖提供支持的人或物(罗穆奥尔多), 2021).

The mental health situation faced by several countries in the ASEAN region has highlighted the need for a more proactive mental health framework institutionalised by university administrations and government for the benefit of tertiary students. 这对相关政府很重要, institutions and higher education institutions to identify and establish full comprehension and awareness of the gravity of the mental health crisis the ASEAN youth are experiencing. 另外, 学校必须提供有利于学生的学习项目, 包括学习益处和心理健康意识的政策和指导方针.


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